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Granite is most used for kitchen and bathroom counter tops but can be used to cover fireplaces, as shelving and even table tops. Granite is a very hard stone and comes in large slabs to create continuous surface with very few seems that can stand the test of time. Polished granite provides an easy to clean surface that gives a bit of shine to your bathroom or kitchen and is one of the more popular stones for home designers and remodelers because of its beauty and strength.


Like granite quartz is also a very popular stone for counter tops and is fast becoming a top choice when people remodel their kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz is a non porous stone which helps it avoid staining and is very water resistant. Quartz is also hard like concrete or granite yet it is a bit more forgiving so it wont crack or chip as easy. Quartz also comes a wide variety of colors and patterns and makes it a great stone for home decor.


This stone can come in highly porous and low porous tiles. With its natural beauty it si a popular choice for floor covering through out the home or office. Travertine has been used as flooring for centuries and can also be used as wall covering and makes a great accent to any fireplace. Travertine can be used both indoors and out and is an extremely versatile stone. Some other uses for Travertine include backs plashes, counter tops, walk ways, fire pits, patios and porches.


Perhaps one of the most exquisite stones available for flooring, wall coverings, table and counter tops marble has been associated with high end home decor for decades. Marble though is a soft stone and can be prone to cracking if to much weight or pressure is applied. Like many of the other stones we carry marble can be used in just about any room in your home and marble pillars on your porch or as lawn decor can bring a touch of the ancient to homes today.


The most common colors of slate are charcoal Grey with hints of orange and red. Slate is a very popular stone as well known for its rugged good looks. Slate can be used for both indoor and outdoor designs. Slate wall covering and flooring are the most popular uses of this stone. Slate rarely comes polished and is mostly used in its natural state cut into tiles of several sizes.

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